Yaadain ….

Mere bachpan kay din …
Kitney achey the din …

Aaj bethey bithaye kyun … Yaad aa gye…!!!

Mere bichroo ko mujh se mila de koi…

Mera BACHPAN … kisi mor laa de koi…!!!

Ali's Journal

………………. I kept staring at this pic for so long …. It has invoked so many memories that I’m still swimming in them … and I think I will be like this for many more minutes …and yes the fan fight was real .. and me being the eldest exploited the authority to the fullest 🙂 

… wo bhi kia din thay … zindagi kitni saada aur pursukoon thi …. wo charpaia’n aur bistray bichana .. aur apni charpai pe kisi aur ko na letnay dena ta ke jab khud leto to bister thanda thanda ho 🙂

… garmion main khulay asmaaan talay sonay ka jo maza hai wo bass wohi jaanta hai jo soya ho …. un dino ye mobile shobile aam nhi tha .. na late night call packages na sms bundles ka jhanjat na mobile games ka alam ghalam …   raat chand ko taktay,  aur sitaaron ko…

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Just a quick scribble …. 









An lovely piece of work by my friend … a must read…!!! 🙂

Randomly Abstract

سرخ گلاب کی پتیوں کو دھیرے دھیرے شاخ سے الگ کرتے ہوئے وہ اپنی ہی دنیا مین مگن تھی۔ دیوار سے ٹیک کئے، سفید سلک پشواس میں ملبوس وہ نہ جانے کتنی ہی دیر سے اپنی جگہ بیٹھی زمیں کو تک رہی تھی۔ آنکھیں دیکھو تو لگتا تھا برسوں کی جاگی ہو۔۔۔ چہرے سے بھی ایسی شدید تھکن عیان تھی کہ معلوم ہوتا صدیوں کا کوئی جوگ پالا ہو۔ یا پھر جس طرح کسی ملاح کو تمام کشتیان جلا کر اپنی آخری امانت سونپنے کی دیر ہو، وہ بھی اپنی زندگی کسی جھونکے میں کھو دینے کی منتظر ہو۔

تم یہاں بیٹھی کیا کر رہی ہو؟ میں کب سے دیکھتا ہوں تم اپنی جگہ سے نہیں ہلی۔۔ کس بات کا غم ہے تمہیں، کس مراد کو دل میں لئے پال رہی ہو؟

مجھے کیوں کوئی غم ہوگا بابا۔ خوشی غمی سے اپنے رشتے تو میں توڑ آئی ہوں۔ یہ بھی…

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مٹی کی خُشبو آتی ہے۔۔۔

مُجھے جب جب یاد ستاتی ہے۔۔۔

مٹی کی خُشبو آتی ہے۔۔۔


جب یونہی چلتی راہوں پر

کوئی مِل جائے انجانا سا

جو لگتا ہو کچھ اپنا سا

پر ہو پھر بھی بیگانا سا


جب شام ڈھلے اِن سڑکوں پر

اِن اَند یکھے سے رستوں پر

کوئی مانوس ۔۔۔ اجنبی سی صورت

یونہی ہولے سے، مسکراتے ہوئے

جب پاس سے چُھو کر جاتی ہے


تب مجھکو یاد ستاتی ہے۔۔۔

مٹی کی خُشبو آتی ہے ۔۔۔


بس ڈُھونڈتا رہتا ہوں میں تو

ہر منظر میں ہر چھرے میں

کہ شاید کوئی اپنا ہی

مجھے مل جائے اس میلے میں


پر اِس دیس کے لوگوں مت سمجھو

کے ہوں میں کوئی دیوانہ سا


میں پاگل نہیں مجنوں کی طرح

نہ ہوں شیدائی کسی لیلا کا

میں کوئی رانجھا جوگی نہیں

نہ ہی طالب کسی رعنائی کا

میں فقط اُسکو ڈھونڈتا رہتا ہوں

جو ہے محور میری تنہائی کا


جو میں کھوجتا ہوں ہر ہر چھرا

بس کیا کروں جب بھی مُجھکو

کوئی بُھولی یاد ستاتی ہے

مٹی کی خُشبو آتی ہے


شاید وہ بھی اُداس ہے مجھ بن

شاید وہ بھی مُجھکو بُلاتی ہے


This post is dedicated to … Randomly Abstract … who inspired me to write. Har bar … Liko … likho … likho … aakhir JAAN churaane kay liye likhna he para …. ( HAHAHAHAHA :p ) … Just kidding …!!!

But seriously … If she hadn’t pushed soo much … I might not have written it… !!! So this one is for you my blogger friend … Randomly Abstract …!!!

Lala’s Wedding Week

The wedding of my most esteemed friend and my # 1 fan (God knows … how that happened… no hand of mine in it) is about to take place … I would love everyone to attend it … (it a virtual event another good friend and awesome blogger has organized before the real one) …. to wish her and give her your prayers and blessings…!!!

Randomly Abstract

You know Lala Rukh, don’t you? She’s one of the kindest, prettiest, super-awesome-st bloggers here on WordPress. 😉 And talented of course. NOBODY can write half as scary, romantic, poetic, or making-you-hungry-just-by-looking-at-them posts as her. 🙂

So she’s getting married.
And this is to let her know how truly special she is. You’re all invited to celebrate along *virtually* by sending in your wishes (and words) tomorrow: Sunday January 26th and hopefully this entire week!
Wear your best outfits, kay?

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The Significance of Youm-e-Ashura


The Islamic colander year starts with the month of Muharram. The literal meaning of Muharram is derived from Haram ((حرام forbidden, restricted and sacred. Even before the advent of Islam the month of Muharram was considered to be sacred among the Arabs, the Arabs would stop all their quarrels and fights. No wars were made during this month. The 10th of Muharram Al Haram is known as the day of Ashura. Although most of the Muslims only know it as the day when grandson of our Beloved Prophet (May Allah Pak bless him) Hazrat Imam Hussain (May Allah Pak bless him) was martyred, the significance of this day goes even beyond this. The days is considered sacred by both Muslims and Christians as well. The Christians observe fast on this day too. The day of Ashura has always had great significance throughout the history of mankind and goes back to Hazrat Aadam (May Allah Pak bless him) or Adam as Christians know him.

  1. On this day Allah Pak accepted the repentance of Hazrat Aadam (May Allah Pak bless him) after he was exiled from the Jannat (Heaven), and both Hazarat Aadam (May Allah Pak bless him) and Hazrat Hawa (May Allah Pak bless him) (Eve) were thrown to opposite sides of the earth. On this day Allah Pak accepted the repentance and they met on earth.
  2. It was on this day that when the storm that engulfed the whole earth had settled down, the safina (ark) of Hazrat Nooh (May Allah Pak bless him) (Noah) came to a halt on Al-Judi.
  3. The fire that Numrood built and in which he threw Hazrat Ibrahim (May Allah Pak bless him) was extinguished by the grace of Allah Pak on this day.
  4. On this day Allah Pak spoke directly to Hazrat Musa (May Allah Pak bless him) (Moses) and bestowed upon him Torait (Torah)
  5. On the day of Ashura Allah Pak blessed Hazrat Ayyub (May Allah Pak bless him) with health and ended his aazmaish (trials).
  6. By the blessing of Allah Pak the fish vomited out Hazrat Younas (May Allah Pak bless him) on the shore on this day.
  7. Allah Pak united Hazrat Yousaf (May Allah Pak bless him) with his father Hazrat Ya’qub (May Allah Pak bless him) on the 10th of Muharram Al-Haram.
  8. It was on the day of Ashura that Allah Pak drowned the armies of the Pharaoh of Egypt and saved Bani Israel.
  9. The kingdom of Hazrat Sulaiman (May Allah Pak bless him) was restored.
  10. Hazrat Isa (May Allah Pak bless him) (Jesus) was raised to heaven alive on this day.
  11. Hazrat Imam Hussain (May Allah Pak bless him) and his family was martyred on the 10th day of Muharram Al-Haram ie the day of Ashura.
  12. It is also said that Roz-e-Mehshar (the day of Judgement) will arrive on Friday and on the day of Ashura.

I would also like to add that there many other significant waqiaat attributed to Ashura but is Ikhtilaaf (dispute) and hence not stated here.

Our beloved Prophet (May Allah Pak bless him) has instructed to observe fast on this day however since the Christians too observe fast on this day our beloved Prophet (May Allah Pak bless him) have instructed us to observe fast on two days i.e. 9th and 10th or 10th and 11th of Muharam. After the fasts of Ramadan Al Mubarik the fasting in Muharram Al Haram is the most blessed one.

Another misconception which … I believe … the Muslims have today is that this day is for the mourning of Ahl-e-Tashi (Shia) Muslim brothers. Allah Pak says to all Muslims that if we want to love Allah Pak, we should love Allah Pak’s beloved Prophet (May Allah Pak bless him) and only then can we fulfill the requirements of loving Allah Pak. It is also my believe that to Love someone one must also love those whom our beloved cares and loves. Both Hazrat Imaam Hassan (May Allah Pak bless him) and Hussain (May Allah Pak bless him) were the most loved ones of our beloved Prophet (May Allah Pak bless him). These are the people who rode the shoulders of our Prophet (May Allah Pak bless him), for whom our Prophet would elongate his sajood during prayers so that they might not fall from his back. The love of our Prophet (May Allah Pak bless him) for his grandsons is expressed In following Ahadees,

“Hussain is from me and I am from Hussain. May Allah love that person who loves Hussain.”

“O Allah! You are aware that I love these two children, so You love them too, and love those who love these two.”

Also in Quran Pak Allah says, “”Say (O Prophet): I do not ask of you any reward for it but love for my near relatives?” (Quran, 42:23).

When the companions asked Prophet Muhammad (S) who these “near relatives” were, the Prophet (S) replied: “They are Ali, Fatimah and their two children.”

The purpose to narrate the above is that just like our Prophet (May Allah Pak bless him) called the year of deat of Hazrat Abu Talib and Hazrat Khadija (May Allah Pak bless him) as Aam-ul-Huzn (the year of grief), similarly the day of Ashura the 10th of Muharram was also a day of great loss for our Prophet (May Allah Pak bless him) and his Ahl al-Bayt (family). Hence all the Muslims as a shurt (requisite) of our Love for our Prophet (May Allah Pak bless him) should feel that loss in side our hearts. We should behave solemnly, with dignity and humbleness. We should avoid any celebrations and planning happy occasions during these days.

As always stay blessed and may Allah Pak bless us all with the love of our Prophet (May Allah Pak bless him) and Ahl al-Bayt. And give us the strength to do it as is its right.

Note: I must say that my knowledge in this regard is much much less. If some one would like to know about Ishq-e-Rasool (May Allah Pak Bless Him), the conditions of that Ishq, the adaab of that Ishq and how it directly relates to Hazrat Hussain (May Allah Pak Bless Him) and the Ahlal-Bayt please follow this link. The whole lecture has been delivered with authentic references fom Quran Pak, Ahadees from Books such as Bukhari/Muslim Shareef/ Ibne-e-Maaja.

The link is of youtube. I will try to find a different link on another website. In the mean time you can use “Spotflux” free software to view the video.

Just a quicky …!!! :)

Asalam-o-Alaikum every buddy … so I know I said I am back and active and all … aur kuch logo (@randomlyabstract) ki to post bhi mere comment key intazaar mai kab se vere (dehleez) pey bethi sookh gai hai … I am really sorry guys … chutiyoon ki waa se work bohot zyada pile up ho gya hai … there are deadlines i have to meet … plus there is my ACCA thingy … i am preparing to apply for membership and there is a lot of work involved with it as well … really sorry guys … hope to read you soon … in the mean time … all of you … keep doing what you do best … writing … 😀

Stay Blessed every buddy … !!! 🙂


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